Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Pep Band 12/4/18 Agenda

Dear Pep Band,

Here are the tunes and the order for today's rehearsal.  Please remember payment for Timberwolves Tickets ($45 payable to "WRBBI") if you have not already paid!


3:15-3:18  Welcome and warm-up sequence with Jacques
3:18-3:20  Royal Rouser (#1)
3:20-3:23 Star Spangled Banner (#2)
3:23-3:28 Immigrant Song (#3)
3:28-3:35 Thriller (#25)
3:35-3:40 All About That Bass (#18)
3:40-3:45  Centerfold (#22)
3:45-3:55 Frankenstein (#27)
3:55-4:00 Fireball (#49)
4:00-4:05 The Impression That I Get (#42)
4:05-4:10 Jump on it (#46)
4:10-4:15 Freeze Frame (#32)
4:15-4:20 YMCA (#39)
4:20-4:25 Treasure (#41)
4:25-4:30 Crazy Train (#15)

See you after school!

Mr. Katzenmeyer

Monday, November 5, 2018

Band Council Nominations (curricular) 2018-19

Dear Woodbury High School Band Members,

Mr. Shervey and I strive to provide a motivating and exciting environment for creative music learning at Woodbury High School that is student-centered and student-driven.  In an effort to make sure we are receiving regular input from our students on meeting this mission, we have opted to create a “Band Council” comprised of 12 representatives from the different facets of our program.  This week, we will take nominations on students in the four "school day" groups to serve on the band council. Students should nominate other students that they feel have the work ethic, integrity, musicianship, and communication skills (with peers and adults) to serve as an effective representative on the council.  On Friday, November 16, students will vote on representatives for each ensemble. For marching/pep band, the representative will be the drum major (for this year, Jacques Tousignant). For color guard, the representative will be the captain (for this year, Lauren Ringrose).  Here are the representatives that will comprise the council:

There will be 12 representatives to the Band Council
Varsity Band Representative
Symphony Band Representative
Symphonic Winds Representative
Concert Band Representative
Jazz I Representative
Jazz II Representative
Jazz Lab Representative
Colorguard Representative (This will be the guard captain…Mairin Barrett 
Marching/Pep Band Representative (This will be the drum major…Bridget Rands for this year)
Woodwind Choir Representative
Brass Choir Representative
Percussion Ensemble/Winter Drumline Representative

Please be prepared to nominate students in your ensemble starting Monday, November 5 HERE.   Please list the STUDENT you are nominating and WHAT ENSEMBLE you are nominating them for, in addition to WHY you think they would make a great representative based on the aforementioned character traits.  Thank you for your help in finding the right panel to push our band to new and exciting achievements!

Mr. Katzenmeyer and Mr. Shervey

ISD833: An east metro school district serving all or parts of the communities of Cottage Grove, Newport, St. Paul Park and Woodbury and Afton, Denmark and Grey Cloud Island Townships, Minnesota

This email has been sent via Charms Office Assistant on behalf of:Woodbury High School Band
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Woodbury, MN 55129