Symphony Band (10th)

Trimester 3 Make-Up Recording Assignment

Please PRINT and practice the Graduation music.  PLEASE USE A METRONOME!  The metronome markings are the goal tempos.  Please choose a tempo that you can play with precise rhythmic accuracy and clean note accuracy and then record on Charms.  Here are the excerpts:

Flute: "The Tahoka Galop," mm. 95 - End [172 BPM]

Bassoons: "Music For A Ceremony," letter G - letter I [82 BPM]

Clarinet: "The Tahoka Galop," mm. 95 - End [172 BPM]

Bass Clarinet: "Music For A Ceremony," letter G - letter I [82 BPM]

Alto Sax: "A Festival Prelude," pickups to 4 meas. before C - 2 meas. before D [108 BPM]

Tenor Sax: "A Festival Prelude," pickups to 4 meas. before C - 2 meas. before D [108 BPM]

Bari Sax: "A Festival Prelude," pickups to 4 meas. before C - 2 meas. before D [108 BPM]

Trumpet: "A Festival Prelude," pickups to 4 meas. before C - 2 meas. before D [108 BPM] 

French Horn: "The Tahoka Galop," mm. 87 - 115 [160 BPM]

Trombone: "A Festival Prelude," pickups to 4 meas. before C - 2 meas. before D [108 BPM] 

Baritone: "A Festival Prelude," pickups to 4 meas. before C - 2 meas. before D [108 BPM] 

Tuba: "A Festival Prelude," pickups to 4 meas. before C - 2 meas. before D [108 BPM] 

Percussion: "The Tahoka Galop," Bells (any mallet instrument), mm. 55 - 87 [156 BPM]
OR "A Festival Prelude," Snare, 1 meas. before C - 2 meas. before D [108 BPM]

Rehearsal Recordings 4/25:




On The Mall (Goldman)

A Scottish Ballade (Sheldon)

Alligator Alley (Daugherty)

Spirals Of Light (O'Loughlin)




  1. 1) Yorkshire and I would do a picture of flying over countryside in England
    2) Carmen Christmas
    3) Play louder and with more confidence
    4) Whoever played timpani during Ukrainian did really good.

  2. 1. I think I would do a painting for Yorkshire Ballad, I would probably paint a picture of somebody coming home or maybe a meadow.

    2. I had to work on ucranian Bell Carol the most. My Timpani piece was way to easy and my crash symbol piece was also fairly simple. Mallets are not my strong suit so working with mallets was a challenge for me.

    3. I personaly could work on my Timpani Snare and Mallets

    4. Shoutout to Bennen Sego on the bird whistle and Aj mackal on Bass Clarinet

  3. 1) I would make a cartoon abiut traveling through the Carmen song

    2) personally Ukrainian Bell Carol took the most preparation for me

    3) I need to improve on my mallet skills

    4) I would like to shout out Bean, his bird whistle was sweet.

  4. 1. I would do a cmp on Yorks hire ballad because it is the easiest to make a colorful picture in my mind.
    2. Ukrainian bell carol
    3. I can watch the director more to stay in time
    4. Shout out to Quinn Huppert rocking his sax.

  5. 1.) If I were to do a CMP project on one of our songs it would be Yorkshire because I can really envision the setting.
    2.) The song which required the most individual preparation was Ukrainian Bell Carol
    3.) Going forward I can improve my fingering speed and accuracy.
    4.) Shout out to Sarah, your solo was amazing!

  6. 1) I was mostly exited to perform I am because it is my favorite piece, it's fun to play and I love how it builds up.

  7. 2) Ascend was performed more accurate and the sound was very loud because everyone played out.

  8. 1) The piece I was the most excited to perform was Into The Clouds. Yes I know it’s easy but at like 5 measures before 66 gets you hyped up for 66 and so on and it was just fun to play!

    2) The piece that was performed the most accurately and expressively was Accend because well one you could hear the Tubas which is rare and we all had good articulation and you could hear like all the parts and it sounded super good in my opinion.

    3) I Am, because it has a touching storyline behind it and behind why the composer wrote the piece.

    4) I am gonna shout out ELLEN because her Solo was amazing and she didn’t squeak or mess up so bravo!

  9. 3) WHS had a very energetic performance last night.

  10. 4) shout out to Alexa Westphal for playing accurate and playing out, you sounded awesome!!
    Shout out to Ellen on her solo, it was beautiful!

  11. 1. I felt most connected to on the mall because it made me feel light-hearted and happy.
    2. I would have liked Edwin Goldman Goldman to have been at the concert because his piece was my favorite.
    3. Shout out to Olin Edwards for killing snare on spirals of light.

  12. 1)I felt connected to Scottish ballad, it makes me feel relaxed and it was a moving piece.

  13. 1) I felt most connected to On The Mall because it was very fun and exciting to played and actually be heard sometimes

    2) I think Edwin Franko Goldman should’ve been there because he would’ve loved the entertaining end of his piece and the energy we played it in

    3) I’ll shout out to the trombones for playing as fast as they did at the end of OTM

  14. 2)the composer for aligaalli Alley, Michael Daughtery I think Michael Daughtery would say he was proud of how well we played his piece.

  15. 3)All of the trombones gave it their all and sounded great! All of the percussionist sounded great and didn't mess up during the performance.