Varsity Band



1) What piece AND artist (name the composer and title of the piece AND who is playing it) do you plan to share with the class? 

2) What GENRE of music would you call it (classical, rock, jazz, pop, etc...)?

3) Include a link to the YouTube video or sound recording, if possible.

4) What do you like about this artist's sound? Why do they sound good to you?

5) What piece that your section shared with you were you most impressed with? Name the piece, composer, and the artist that played it.



  1. 1 If I were to do a CMP on a piece, it would be Moscow 1941 because it's history is the most interesting of our pieces and it sounds well musically
    2 And to all a good night, because I had never played crash cymbals before
    3 Fundamentally practice all the notes and patterns
    4 I would like to give a shout out to Rhea for playing the tambourine passionately

  2. 1 If I were to do a CMP on a piece, it would be Moscow 1941 because it's history is the most interesting of our pieces
    2 and to all a good night because of all the notes we had to play and had to get all the dynamics right
    3 I should practice hitting the higher notes
    4 I would shout out any instruments who had a polka part because they nailed it


  3. 1) X factor because it was my favorite out of the 4
    2) X factor because everyone was really confident on it.
    3) Woodbury high school has played 300 from a movie. Heck yeah!
    4) to concert band for playing 300! I watched that movie the other night and it made my day to hear you guys playing it!

  4. 1) I was excited to play X Factor because I had a pretty interesting toms part, which was exciting!
    2) Mine was the same as piece #1 because we had the right energy and it seemed that we all actually liked playing that song. Which gave the whole vibe a fun feeling to it.
    3) 9th graders ‘till 9: WHS Band 9th grade percussion students gets through the concert with little to nothing falling!!!
    4)I would like to give a shout out to Enrique for playing the tambourine so passionately during Nathan Hale :)!!

  5. 1) I was most excited to play X Factor because I feel like we could put all of our energy into the piece and that made it fun to play and listen to.

    2) The piece that we played most accurately and expressively in my opinion was X Factor. It was the same as my answer to the first question because like I said, I think that we put all of our energy into it which made us pay attention to certain things like dynamics.

    3) Varsity Band pulls off great concert last night!

    4) I would like to give a shoutout to Tina for doing an awesome job at playing piccolo in A Walk In The Morning Sun!

  6. 1. The piece I felt most connected to was Abracadabra. I liked playing it because it made me feel happy and I also liked how the mood tended to change throughout the piece so you were always listening for what came next.

    2. The composer that I would’ve wanted to be at the concert was Gustav Holst. I think he would’ve said something about how he could tell we used lots of energy to play the piece and how he could tell that our band really liked playing the angry mood of Mars.

    3. I would like to give a shoutout to the French horns for playing super strong throughout Ammerland and Abracadabra!

  7. 1. I felt most connected to Abracadabra. It made me feel really excited because of its new dynamics and upbeat nature. A bit anxious too, but that’s beside the point! All in all, I was pretty excited.
    2. March of the Irish guard was written for the Irish Guards, which was one of the Foot Guards regiments of the British Army. I think they’d appreciate listening to a song about them, especially with the wars they went through and stuff. Everyone likes to feel appreciated. They’d probably say something like, “Cool!”.
    3. My percussion kids came through!! They did outstandingly, especially in Abracadabra and Mars. They played with excellent dynamics, great volume and tone, and (for the most part) kept the tempo!

  8. 1. I felt most connected to abaracadabra because it had plenty of changes in tempo, tone, and volume. I also liked the story behind all the neat little articlulations that where written into the song.
    2. I think that the actual Irish gaurd that was for the brittish army would have wanted to be there because the familer tunes could have reminded them of there home and would have probably given us a big "maith thú."
    3. I would like to give a shout out to the trombones during abracadabra because they had shone exalent tone and Dynamics.

  9. 1. I felt most connected to Ammerland. The feelings I felt were excited and happy because I was excited for the audience to hear this song because it's a beautiful song and happy because I love playing this song.
    2. I would want Frank Ticheli because I think he would've told us how we well we made it mysterious and how put a lot of work into this piece.
    3. I would like to give a shoutout to the french horns. They did a great job in Ammerland and Abracadabra presenting their instrument.

  10. 1. I felt most connected to abracadabra because it changes in tempo, tone, and volume alot.
    2. I think that the actual Irish guard that was for the British army would have wanted to be there because it would remind them of their country
    3. I would like to give a shout out to the trombones during abracadabra because they played all around pretty well.

  11. 1. Dizzy Gillespie- Salt Peanuts. I plan to share it
    2. Genre is Jazz
    4. His playing is very very clean, as well as consistent and fast even though he appears to have poor technique. He puffs his cheeks but it is still very good sounding.
    5. Flight of the bumblebee composed by Nikolai Rimsky performed by Rafael Mendez. I was impressed by the speed of playing as well as the quality and consistency that was maintained throughout the performance

  12. 1) Henrik Chaim Goldschmidt- Gabriel’s oboe by Ennio Morricone
    2) classical
    4) they play with good tone
    5) sonata for oboe and continuo for c minor composed by antonio vivaldi— In-gun hwang

  13. 1.) Sir James Galway played Lord of The Rings. I do plan to play this for the class.

    2.) Classical


    4.) I enjoyed the clear tone. He sounded great because of his vibrato.

    5.) Artist: Maria Puccini, Song: Allegro from Sonata in G minor, Composer: Bach

  14. 1) I will be sharing Czardas performed by Martin Wilson.
    2) The genre is Classical
    4)I like the Intination and Energy Wilson put into this piece.
    5)Stardust performed by Jack Teagarden.

  15. 1) Justin Ward performing Grenade by Bruno Mars
    2) Song is originally pop but he played it in a jazz style
    4) I love the jazz sound that he creates and how smooth it is. I also find his dynamic changes to be masterful and well placed
    5) Ornithology by Charlie Parker (Evan shared it)

  16. 1. The Swan. Jeanne Baxtresser is playing the piece. The composer is Camille Saint-Saens. Yes
    2. Classic
    4. I like the quality of her sound. She just makes it sound very smooth.
    5. I like the one Ellie shared. It was Greg Patillo that played beatboxing flute and it was Inspector Gadget.

  17. Bahaeldeen OthmanJune 1, 2018 at 12:28 PM

    1) Fire Dance by Manuel de Falla, played by Allen Vizzuti.

    2) Jazz


    4)I like his range and style

    5) Salt Peanuts by Dizzy Gillespie and Kenny Clarke. Played by Dizzy Gillespie

  18. 1) John Birks Gillespie(Dizzy Gillespie) playing night in tusiana witch was written by Charles Parker.
    2) I would call this jazz.
    4) I like this song because it starts with a smooth tempo then speeds up a bit then slows again quite well.
    5) I was the most impressed with Allen Vizzuti playing "Fire Dance" written by Manuel de Falla.

  19. 1. I presented Rhythic Caprice, composed and played by Leigh Howard Stevens
    2. Classical Music
    4. He hits the marimba with different parts of
    a mallet to create unique sounds
    5. Rhythmic Caprice by Evelyn Glennie, because of how fast she played and of how well she hit the keys

  20. 1. Martin Child soloing in Big Fat Nelly Blues by Gwilym Simcock and The London Horn Sound Big Band
    2. Classical
    4. I really liked how low he could play, and how good his tone quality was at the low notes.
    5.I was most impressed with Radek Baborák playing Weber Concertino for Horn by Carl Weber

  21. Stanley iturrinoJune 6, 2018 at 8:53 AM

    I presented man eater by hall and oats
    Sax solo sounds the realist goodist
    Saxophonist is Charles “Mr.casual” DeChant

  22. 1. I chose the piece Flight of the Bumblebee composed by R. Korsakov and played by Claudio Santangelo.
    2. Classical
    4. I liked how fast this song was and I think he presented it well with his dynamics and speed. He also has really good chops.
    5. Evelyn Glennie performing Rythmic Caprice by Leigh Howard Stevens. She is dead and uses the vibrations the instruments gave off was what really got me interested in her.

  23. 1)I picked Miles Davis and he is playing So What.
    2) I thinks it's a an old classical jazz song.
    3)I could not get a link for my song.
    4)I like how much Miles uses his air and uses a lot of power to get up to his high notes.
    5)We came together and thought Duke Ellinghton was a very good trumpet player.

  24. 1 i presented take 10 composed by and played by paul desmond
    2 jazz
    4 he has very clear sound and great dynamics
    5 kodo played by the japanese drummers

  25. David MichalowiczJune 6, 2018 at 10:26 AM

    1. Chris Potter's The Wheel played by Chris Potter
    2. Jazz
    4.I liked that it was clear and confident
    5. I liked Curtis King, who Alex chose. He has a very clean tone and is very Jazzy

  26. 1. David Childs playing Myfanwy by Joseph Parry
    2. Classical
    4. I like how smooth his sound is and how he keeps a smooth sound throughout the peice
    5. When our section came together, we also thought Adam Fery was a great euphoniust because he can play pretty fast.